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Organic Olive Oil 1 Litre


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Organic by default, but far beyond the organic associations standards.

We create conditions for our trees to thrive in a diverse habitat with various plant and animal species present creating a healthy ecosystem. Using an electric fence and portable poultry housing we move our birds around the orchards to provide organic ecosystem services. Our ducks keep the plant matter in good shape and the chickens scarify the ground and search out bugs which could eventually become pests. All the while they add free fertiliser right where the trees need it.

Our oil is harvested by hand using traditional techniques by us, our family and friends.

Our olives are then pressed at a local ´Largar´ just 10 minutes from our farm. As we are not organic certified we do not use organic presses but we use a press which allows us to take all of our own oil rather than being mixed with others.

We then bring our oil back to our farm and bottle it here in our kitchen. From here we are ready to ship out around Europe. We have decided to limit our shipping to Europe only in order to limit the food miles our oil creates.

If you want to know any more about our production process or farming methods visit www.fazendatomati.org or send us an email

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