Agriculture has been a major driver of biodiversity loss for millenia. Our food system is deeply flawed, and something needs to change.

We are here to shake up the oil industry one olive at a time. For too long businesses have put their profits above the health of the planet and in turn have destroyed habitat whilst producing low quality food. What is the value of the olive oil you buy if the farmer killed ten thousand birds to obtain it?

We know and believe that farmers can and should work with nature. Working within natural cycles, creating habitat and health with the very trees that we are harvesting, as well as planting many whose sole function is to nurture soil life and provide food and shelter for the species who also call our farm their home. We depend on these species for pollination, seed dispersal and pest control. We work with these species, considering their needs in each business decision we make.

We are not separate from nature.

The fence between Wild and Farm does not exist here.

We harvest The Fantastic Olive

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